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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Becoming a Professional = Learning to Walk Before You Fly

As I try new things the older I get, I seek council a lot from people who have been there and done that. Even though I admittedly have a hard time learning from others mistakes, I do enjoy talking a bit about my next potential steps and life and hearing people talk about their trips, falls, bumps, bruises and successes.

Being a Gemini, I have at least two sides to listen to at any given decision making point in my life. I've learned that one of those sides in me is always right. I try not to explicitly ask people exactly what I should do. The roundabout method of questioning is a good way to exercise all possibilities and come to your own conclusions.

Sometimes someone will take it upon themselves and tell you exactly what they think you should do. This can be great, because it shows that one of your actual options is something that others have convictions about. But, it is necessary to be careful of people who try and steer you. It is easy to come across these people in life. They're either individuals who stand to gain from you choosing a certain path and are persuasive irregardless of your circumstances. There are also individuals who are naturally nervous or apprehensive and are averse to risk who would rather you take the path of lesser resistance every time.

Being able to weigh risk, others opinions and still move forward is the true sign of professional maturity. Having others hold your hand the whole way simply won't work. Even though it make feel good to have tons of support, it surely doesn't feel as good as flying under your own power.


Raven said...

That's interesting. I've always seemed to take on more stuff than I could handle, make mistakes, learn, mess up a few more times - have that one success - and then, feel great about it. I've never been the type to follow 1-2-3 steps, I more of a kind of a go backward, forward and then figure out how to do it for myself.
But, maybe I've got a lot more to learn :-)

JR Moreau said...

For sure, I know I've got a lot more to learn and a lot more mistakes to make.