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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Link Love = More Blog Traffic

About a month ago I got an un-welcomed email from stating that I was not being paid per post anymore after earning a dollar per 100 word post every day for about six months. My income from side writing projects has been negligible in the past month due to commitments at my day job so I didn't want to waste time writing on my blog if I wasn't getting paid for it. The link love and community of was nice, but out of spite I wasn't going to be part of another ad-revenue sharing program.

About a week after I stopped posting on my blog, my visitor states for JR's Not So Literal Logging starting going way down. Looking at the source of where a lot of my traffic came from I was surprised to see that people were visiting this very blog from my blog!

What does this tell me? Don't ditch your social media circles on a whim! Keeping a regular blog posting routine at my blog might have possibly kept my visitors engaged and clicking links on my page.

Might I re-start my blog? I'm not sure yet. It was a themed blog about my quest to get back into grad school. Now that Grad School isn't at the forefront of my life anymore, I might chose another topic and start from scratch.

Any thoughts on this? Do you owe your traffic and reputation to social media outlets that seem to be a waste of time otherwise?

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