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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Decided to Become a Millionaire

In the past year I've made millions of dollars and signed countless copies of my book in a tour that spanned the globe twice over. Would you believe me that six months ago I was working at a gas station in downtown Baltimore making $22,000 a year annually and now I'm a MULTI-millionaire internet marketer. Sound unbelievable? I'd have said the same thing in your shoes. Let me show you how I turned my life around to become the biggest selling book writer, the most followed Twitterer and the most charismatic public speaker in the world with my webinar JR's Not So Literal Logging: A Peon's Guide to Generating Money From Thin Air.

I can't promise that you too will become rich, famous, attractive and amazing at every venture you take in life, but if you purchase my JR's Not So Literal Logging webinar series, I will show you the steps that you can take to put your life on a one-way rocket ride to success.

Please leave a comment and you'll be put on my super secret mailing list that will give you back-stage access, pre-sale information, ultra confidential tips, tricks and videos of me having burping contents with the chimpanzee friends I bought with my MILLIONS!


Ryan said...

This is hilarious. Sign me up please.

JR Moreau said...

You think this post is hilarious? Listen Bubb, the only thing that is hilarious is how many bank accounts you'll need to open to keep the IRS off your back after I mike you a MILLIONAIRE with my S.P.I.T. blogging techniques

Study your audience, they're the ones who buy your stuff, duh!

Proliferate your blog by making at least 10 different Twitter aliases and then promote, promote, PROMOTE the crap out of your blog

Itemize your expenses so that when you're in the absolute highest and most awesome tax bracket after making big freakin' bucks with my technique you'll be able to write off as much of your income as possible and keep even more of your money!

Tell everyone you know about JR's Not So Literal Logging: A Peon's Guide to Generating Money From Thin Air

S.P.I.T.- Study Proliferate Itemize Tell

ashley said...

WOW that is so impressive that you are so successful in such a short amount of time! Sign me up so I can learn all your secrets and be just like you!


JR Moreau said...

Ashley, you think that's a short amount of time? Once you see how much passive wealth you can generate with my system your head will spin. Now that's FAST!!!

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