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Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Hand Washes The Other That Feeds

I cook quite a bit as most of you know. I really like to cook. I really like to eat too.

I don't clean as often. Definitely don't do it every day. Would like to do it once a week...

Today I cleaned my apartment after taking a 3 week layoff from a full clean. What a pain in the ass! So many combined activities that my roommates and I have neglected.

Moral of the story, try to clean bits and pieces of the apartment more often during the week. There's no point in cooking delicious food and enjoying it every day if you need to spend an entire weekend day deep cleaning everything.


Peter said...

Here's an easy cleaning tip: Lemons! I clean my apartment with natural stuff and it costs me $4 or less to clean the whole thing.

Here's how:

- Get some natural dish soap ($2)
- Mix it with some baking soda ($.99) to make a slightly abrasive paste
- Cut a lemon (free for me, maybe $1 in the store?) in half

Now, just dip the flat side of the lemon into the paste, and lightly spread the paste over counters, bathtubs, etc. As the lemon juice mixes with the paste it forms peroxide. Then just rinse. Works great in the kitcehn and bathroom (don't leave it on too too long, about 5 minutes is enough), you can just mop it all up after you're done.

While you've got the mop out, mix the paste with vinegar and water to get a nice natural liquid cleaner you can use to mop the floor... Best part of all this: no scrubbing (seriously!)

You can also use lemons to clean copper and brass, possibly other metals also.

JR Moreau said...

Awesome tip Peter! Can't wait to try this!