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Monday, March 23, 2009

Transitions To and From Self-Employment

Becoming self-employed or shifting one's career goals can be a frightening, yet exhilarating experience. The undeniable comfort associated with a steady paycheck is often clouded by the sheer anxiety experienced when you realize that you're just a number and not really fulfilling whatever potential you thought you once had. Maybe you find work in a smaller company that is closer to what you thought you'd be doing if you ever had the opportunity to own your own business. That's a "dream" job by my definitions.

The question I pose today is: If you quit your job to engage in a semi-lucrative small business such as freelance copywriting (assuming that it is lucrative), are the means of liberating one's self justifiable if you're simply planning on hopping to another even more lucrative (or not) field in a few years?

Do you take huge risk now to do something that you may not choose to do forever?


Clueless Newlywed said...

Ya know...My husband's been battling with this concept for a long time. He has a degree in biological sciences, and it took him FOREVER to find a job in his field. And even then, he's grossly underpaid.

For the past year or so, he's been dabbling more with his artistic passions, such as music and graphic arts...producing and recording local Cleveland hip hop artists and designing web page layouts, etc.

He's not to the point yet where he is making any money off what he does, so he's hasn't been able to make that "leap" into officially switching careers, but he's well on his way to it.

I'm anxious for the day that he is able to make the switch...In the long run, he'll be much more happy and much more fulfilled doing what he loves as opposed to staying on the "safe" route.

JR Moreau said...

Some of my favorite rappers come from Ohio! Esp. the late Camu Tao. I'm glad your husband is going after what he's passionate about and that you're supportive of it. That is just so important for a person who wants to take a leap. To have people behind you on that makes it a little easier and all the more thrilling.

I finished "Career Renegade" by Jonathan Fields yesterday. I highly recommend it. I agree with his assertion that you need to always question weather putting off your dreams now is worth what you will have missed later. It's an interesting perspective and truly lights a fire under my ass and the asses of many others.

To hell with the safe route :-)