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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sheer Endurance

After returning from a hellish weekend in Chicago, I feel drained. Yet, I haven't been able to pull myself away from the keyboard before midnight a single night this week. I've had a mad urge to just write until to my heart's content. This feels good and I fall asleep quickly. I get the same effects from writing a lot as some people do from reading before bed. But, I've been so tired all week.

I've been riding my bicycle to work as much as possible trying to save money on gas and to get some exercise in before the weather gets New England nasty. Massachusetts drivers are the absolute worst. I always feel like my life is threatened when I ride my bike. I never even feel that safe in the car for that matter.

My boss and I had "the talk" today. It's sort of like when one person asks a person they're in a relationship with "what are we?" Basically I asked my boss what she thought of my work and where she thought I could be heading if I wanted to try and take on some new tasks and concepts. She seemed glad that I asked and offered sincere advice that as I continue to master my tasks then I can integrate into the parts of the company better suited for my skills and desires. Hopefully I can just blog for them and get paid double what I'm making now. Otherwise I may wind up as an account exec. or a brand message analyst. Either would be fine as long as it shoots me further towards my goal of being creative in my day job.

Until then I can only be creative and write disconnected blogs like this one way after my bed time.

...Eyes shutting...

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