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Friday, August 8, 2008

Take it on the chin

In passing conversation in the mess hall at work today a woman told me how she was out of work for two months before she started here a couple weeks ago. She was complaining that she needed a vacation already. I could be mean and tell her she has no right to desire a vacation so quick, but who doesn't want to vacation, like all the time?

I thought about how I'd respond to her for a second and I realized, aloud, that the only way I'd ever get a meaningful freelance career together was if I got my ass canned from a job and was able to pick up unemployment insurance for a little while. Necessity breeds creativity, no? I would literally be forced into all sorts of free time in which I could apply to jobs that I wanted (half-heartedly) while I wrote obsessively for the rest of the day. I already and generating income from my writing simply jotting stuff down for an hour or two a day. Imagine what I could do with eight or more hours?

I'm not going to get myself fired anytime soon, but the thought that not all things are as terrible as they may seem is somewhat uplifting and liberating.

I just want to write. Is that too much to ask? Yes, it is actually. That's why I've stopped asking and just started doing it anyways.

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