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Monday, August 11, 2008

Traveling Nurses

No, I don't want to change my career. I just talk about two things that were profound to me this past weekend.

First, a middle aged woman who was doing blood work on my grandmother started running her mouth to everyone in the room about all of this conservative stuff that you could find on any talk radio show during the day. It was completely un-interesting, annoying and unwanted. Her raving about how nobody's going to vote for Obama because he's black and he loves taxes, poor people, and foreigners and hates the middle class and America was so unwelcome. I should have told her to shut her trap before I tell her manager about how unprofessional she is. Instead I looked her dead in the eye and told her that I was a dedicated Obama supporter and that she had a narrowminded point of view. It certainly didn't shut her up. I should have complained.

Secondly, I'm so happy that I have traveled so much this summer. It's been a great one despite some setbacks in my personal life. I'm looking forward to a great Fall as well!

I wrote too much tonight. I'll pay for it tomorrow when I can't keep my eyes open at work.


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