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Monday, November 17, 2008

Diversifying Where and How I Buy Food

I've been out of my own for what seems forever these days. I made quite a few errors in judgment back in the days when I was 19 in Boston shopping at the Uber-chic Back Bay Shaw's supermarket. Have you ever seen a $160 shopping bill after getting a little careless with whatever you were throwing on your shopping cart? I sure have. But, since there I have developed a keen taste for where I can find good deals on certain types of foods and home goods. I've had good teachers, most of whom were broke like me and needed a cheap place to shop.

For the past two years I've been a steady supporter of Trader Joe's. They do have absolutely everything I need and usually at reasonable prices. I've written before that buying out of season or non-Trader Joe's brand goods can rack up a high bill, but otherwise the deals are there waiting to be scooped up.

I've been hearing rumblings of locals who really like Russo's in Watertown. It's sort of like a farmer's market that is open year round. I went once with my old boss to buy flowers and I was drooling the whole time, but I never went back because I got lost every time I tried to find it. This morning I mapped it out and I've decided to go there sometime today on a break and stock up on whatever produce and meats they have on sale. I'm kind of excited because I've been having bad luck with produce at TJ's lately and if I can find a new place to get veggies and fruits on the cheap I'll be a happy man. Also, I've heard they have great cold cuts and breads.

I'll keep y'all updated. Maybe I'll even let you in on what I'm cooking with my new Russo's food.


Sarah said...

I absolutely love Trader Joe's. I was horrified that there isn't one anywhere in Texas. When we move next year, I'll probably drive an hour and a half up to Atlanta every once and a while just for the TJ staples!

I've tagged you at my new (migrated) writing blog: check it out here-

Anonymous said...

Rock on, T.J.'s! Love it. Love it a lot.