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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holding My Breath Until November 5th

I voted a while back via absentee ballot so I won't be standing in line today. I'm a bit melancholy at the thought though. I can imagine a sense of excitement and comradery while waiting in line amongst fellow Americans to vote.

I've read and listened to several people state their opinions regarding the option to not vote at all. Some are truly convinced the Illuminati or central bank are in control of everything no matter what. I believe this to an extent, but I feel a sense of defeat in choosing to go belly up and no voice my opinion despite controversy and cynicism.

I've written before that I do not believe either candidate is going to turn the country around 180 degrees in their first four or even eight years. But I do believe that Obama represents a rebelliousness against the paternalistic style of government that has been forced upon America for the last 8 years. I want to feel like I live in a community, rather than an isolated state of being. I want a good job for myself (I am lucky enough to have that right now) and good jobs for my neighbors and family. I want opportunities to be available for all Americans who want to work hard, not just those who were born into fortunate circumstances of wealth and power.

Spread the wealth. Spread the happiness. Help others in their times of need and you too shall be helped in your time of need.

I'm going to lay low at home and try to kick this awful cold or whatever I have. Once the poll numbers start coming in I'll be glued to CNN and MSNBC all day.

I hope everyone is having a good election day today! Despite feeling physically sick, I feel energized and good knowing that George W. Bush will be out of work soon. Hopefully he finds a job elsewhere where he can do less damage.

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ASHLEY said...

I agree- Obama represents hope. He might not be able to accomplish everything that he promises, but I think that his ideas are in the right direction. And we certainly need some hope with the way things are now.

And you are so lucky you didn't have to wait in line!!