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Friday, October 31, 2008

Evening Thoughts

Night blogging isn't so good for traffic reasons, but I figure I'll close the week out with some interesting contradictions that have arisen within me.

First, a friend told me I shouldn't spend so much time blogging. Basically the idea was that I should read as much as possible and work on fiction most of the time as that's probably where most of my potential lies.

Sometime I feel that way too, but as the topic by Jenny Frazier pointed out, blogging can be beneficial to your career if you are tact and precise in your subject matter and character. A loose or offensive online image can hurt you too. Right now, I feel like blogging is the easiest way for me to flush out my voice and ideas on a regular basis. I've started up a fiction piece this week and will try to finish it or at least get it moving rather than stopping on the first page like I do most of my short stories. Either way, I'd like to keep blogging as I feel it could help me develop a network of people who are interested in my ideas and whom are interesting to me as well.

Another person I knew told me I shouldn't pursue PR. I respect this person's opinion very much as she's quite successful and extremely good at what she does. Basically she's told me I'm too smart to get an entry level position in a PR firm. I've thought about this and while I know some very smart people who are in the PR business, I don't think that making a lateral, or more like a reverse move, into PR would satisfy me. Right now I'm developing a lot of brain function in the technical side of marketing and PR measurement. I am really challenged most of the time and an additional benefit is I like the people I work with. I think the fact that I am so adept at thinking and writing creatively coupled with my ability to learn and apply technical knowledge will help me develop my career niche down the road. Either way, I have the ability to learn a whole lot of business disciplines in my current role and I feel as if I should definitely exploit that as long as I can. Plus I feel like I am wanted here, which feels good, to be honest.

Anyways, I feel a little under the weather. Today has been pretty weird and unproductive. I've got an editorial piece going out tonight about central MA and it's place in the renewable energy market. Hopefully I can rest this weekend and give some new brain project of mine hell next week.

Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe and happy Halloween!

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