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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Juggling Blogs- For Good or Bad?

Reading a Twitter post on my account FarAndSavage, a woman posed the question if she should start a food blog to justify her obsession with food. This got me thinking, should JR's Not So Literal Logging stay a generalist blog, or should I figure out what the hell I'm trying to say (and what I'm good at saying) and start pumping out quality, focused content?

I'd really appreciate some input on this subject. I will keep this blog open as a general pool for my thoughts, but I think (and hope others think) that I have produced some decent content along the way and will continue to do so and therefor should be able to put that content to better use in a subject-specific blog.

On a separate note, I wasn't offered the job in Chicago. The reasons why were as I suspected; lack of trade show and technical experience. We'll see how the engineer they hired does as a creative sales and marketing person. I wish him/her the best. I still plan on pursuing a similar position in a "green" business or will attempt to venture into my own business. Whether I stay up local or far off, the pursuit has been tiring but rewarding thus far.


Matthew said...

As far as gaining popularity and traffic, it is usually best to pick a very niche topic to blog about. People can go anywhere for general news or cool stuff (digg, fark, etc...)

Where else could people go if they wanted to know about "green friendly vinyards in the eastern United States" for instance

Just my 2 cents

JR Moreau said...

Point taken. I suppose it's quite easy to go off on a tangent on just about anything. I'll take this to heart and get another blog together asap.

ASHLEY said...

Hmmm I agree with the guy above. If you want the blog to become more popular and have a bigger following, I also think that focusing in on a certain topic might be a good idea. Sometimes it's hard to only write about one thing though!

Sorry about the job... don't get discouraged!