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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Acer Aspire One Shows Ittie Bittie Genius

Friday night I sent my old dog of a laptop out via UPS to Cash for Laptops
and will hopefully be receiving the $350 they quoted me for on my particular model in about a week. I was planning on coughing up another $300 to $500 on a nice, light laptop with accessories that would allow me to be portable when on the go and then dock that baby to a big screen monitor when I get home. That WAS my plan, but then...

Strolling around a local shopping center I stopped at Staples, recalling that a few people I know have found dirt cheap deals randomly at Staples when they're trying to get rid of old stock. I didn't find anything that was on clearance, but I instead I saw the Acer Aspire One. Originally I saw this computer a while ago on a list of best priced laptops. I sort of wrote it off after thinking about the size of it. Regardless of the price which starts around $350.00, I figured the small screen would prove to be an annoyance in the long run. I came to this conclusion without actually seeing or feeling the laptop in person.

Upon playing around with the machine in the store and talking to a knowledgeable and down to earth sales clerk, I think I've become quite close to purchasing the Acer Aspire One. I'm going to shop around a bit this week and read as many reviews and product specs as I can before I make my decision.

I find the downsizing trend of electronics incredible and I'm not sure where it's going to stop. There are some damn supercomputer desktop models spec'd to the hilt that you can buy for $800. Now I can buy a computer that weights 8 lbs. less than my old machine and has twice the operating capacity in every aspect.

Technology is scary and groovy.


ASHLEY said...

Haha yeah, the things they can do with electronics are mind-boggling. And yet, they can't do much of anything regarding curing cancer or coming up with alternative energy...

Anonymous said...

The day you will start paying "them" 800$ every 2 years, they will develop a cure for cancer.