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Friday, October 10, 2008

American Divisive Politik; Ne Pravda

Divide and conquering works, right? This election's politics have been so perplexing in the last year. I'm becoming so terrified with the state of our country and the world surrounding it, the choice of candidates has almost paled to the choices I'll have to make in the coming years, decades and lifetime. I cannot foresee too much major positive change being made in the next four years or maybe even eight years. I think the next president needs to concede his relative powerlessness to the overwhelming financial and national security circumstances that we face and bring the country together rather than invent and demonize a new segment of the world or even our own population to raise fervor and aggression. I don't want anymore war in my lifetime. I never want to kill another person for a made-up cause fabricated by my government. I want to watch people in my community succeed. I want to succeed.

I need something to believe in. I'm so convinced that John McCain is going to lead us to another war if elected president. I don't think he's a terrible person, but all he really knows and loves is the military and I think he truly finds war to be a glorious endeavor. Fighting terrorism and foreign aggression is necessary, but preemptive aggression is unacceptable. I'm voting for Barack Obama because I *hope* he will lead us towards peace. I know nothing is a surefire bet, but I absolutely must vote and I won't let my fears dictate my decisions towards a future filled with war and economic hardship, which is all I have truly known in my adult life under McCain's party.

Obama '08. That's how it has to be. I don't want to, and cannot imagine it any different. May whatever God help us if we cannot get through these tough times.

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