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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I <3 Democracy

So, I got a letter yesterday stating that my voting address has been changed and that I am now registered to vote in at my new address. Sweet! I am so happy that I get to vote!

I am going to bring this piece of paper just in case anything shady happens and some angry Republican starts babbling about ACORN.

Also, The Sole Proprietor gave Caitlin and I the best seafood meal that either of us have had in recent memory. Wow! Dijon horseradish Mako is just delicious. I thought to myself, "I am eating something that could just as easily eat me." Maple scallops? Forget about it! Not cheap, but absolutely worth it. Especially when you consider that this seafood is so good and we're in Worcester!


ASHLEY said...

Oh that's so great! I would be so completely upset if I couldn't vote.

mandamae said...

I'm getting worried! I haven't received my registration confirmation yet. We're down to the wire here!