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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mad Consumers Can Go Green Too!

Came across Real Goods Solar Living and I really like the ideas and products this online retailer is pushing. The products seem pricey compared to places like Wal-Mart or Target, but it's safe to assume the quality and conscience are in everything they're pushing.

Even though I'm a defiant Pagan and hate the traditional aspects of what Christmas represents (selfishness), I really like giving loved ones gifts. I want to find something for everyone that a buy for on this website and others like it. I'm going to be truly conscious about what I purchase this holiday and I hope it shows in what I give as gifts. Maybe the gift will pay itself forward into whomever receives it and that person will become a conscientious shopper as well.

Real Goods Solar, Inc.

1 comment:

ASHLEY said...

I agree, Christmas is difficult because it's gotten so blown out of proportion and morphed into this monster-type holiday, but I also love picking out gifts for my family and friends.
They do have some pretty cool things on that website. I never would have thought to invent and/or use some of them before.