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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Intent with Content: Punches in Bunches

I like to consider myself to be more than just a half-hearted blogger. I do quite a bit of driving and extracurricular in my life and I still feel like I put out some quality content whenever I make the time. There are certain avenues of which I get paid for my writing. None of them are particularly lucrative, but they do help in assuaging the feeling that I'm doing this just for my own pleasure. However, the stipulation ussually presents itself that I keep my rights to whatever content I produce, but that whomever is paying me for it gets to print it first on their website.

This is fine except for the fact that these websites that pay me take a long time to review what I've written and post payment. In which time my piece may not be timely anymore. Therefor I have resolved myself to writing blog posts in bunches so that I can submit them whenever finished and queue them up for my blog posts once the payment and publishing happens on the other end.

I think this solution will help me to keep my creative flow going and allow me to write whenever I want. As long as I write often, I should have a steady stream of paid for blog posts ready to go.

Next step: finding a fairer wage for my articles and blog posts.

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Paugh Ginney said...


Getting paid for blog posts is a tough route. Personally, I steer clear of that because I get more value from the connections I make through my blog. I think money would be a huge distraction.

With that said, if you're ever interested in contributing to a community that's all about making connections, email me about Brazen Careerist. I saw that you follow us on you sidebar and I'd like to find a way to get you involved if you are interested.

Here's my email:

Have a great day,