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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soil or Broil: Thinking Outside of the Greenhouse Effect

Two friends and colleagues of mine, Jim Laurie and Seth Itzkan have compiled a paper entitled: Soil Restoration, Ocean Anoxia, & Menhaden Reduction - New Considerations for Climate Change Dynamics and Mitigation.

I am extremely satisfied with this work as it represents years of research and dialog that have taken place about problems that affect every living being on this planet. Climate change is just one of the many scary events that are happening in this particular point in human existence. War, economic meltdown and social turmoil are all matters that we as a people can look at with a frame of reference to recent history. Dramatic climate change, on the other hand is not.

Until recently, most of the data surrounding carbon levels in the air in relation to planet temperature and atmospheric make-up have been purely speculative. However, recent scientific research has uncovered telltale signs of similar carbon levels as requisite signs of previous extinction episodes.

What other signs are pointing in the direction of an extinction episode related to carbon and it's sequestration? Are humans responsible for this situation, and if so, to what extent? Most importantly, what can be done if it's already not too late?

Please take a few minutes to visit the Soil Age Group on Google Groups, sign up, download the paper and please leave any feedback you have here with me or contact Jim and Seth directly through their emails listed in the document.

New Considerations for Climate Change Dynamics and Mitigation (PDF Format)

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