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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Curry and Computers

I've got plenty on the brain today, but what I find most compelling is the absolutely delicious Potato Curry dish Seth's housemate Rich made at the Sputnik party and the new MacBook Pro that is being blabbered about today.

I always challenge myself to cook new and exciting things that at one point I felt were out of my grasp. In that respect, I feel like cooking is much like life. You get all the right ingredients together one way or another then you start the alchemy with a little bit of heat and hard work. I'm going to purchase a good ol' cast iron pot and cook a curry one of these coming weekends. I really hope I can get my family to eat it, but if they don't I'll have no trouble working the finished product over in a week. Here are some cool links to curry recipes. Not sure which one I'll use yet. If you want to come over and eat, feel free! I'll save some for you ;-)

That reminds me, I want to cook with and for friends more. I feel like if I wind up in my own apartment with my cousin Nick I'll want to make it as homey as possible. Do any of you have interesting recipes I should try to make? Maybe you can make it first and I'll sample it. I'm very open minded, so bring on all challengers!

On the technology side, I've officially sold my old laptop. The beast will serve an immobile person well, but right now I need something lighter. On this live weblog reviewing the new, amazing and expensive Macbook Pro, there is also a section highlighting the best priced laptops on the market. I'll probably for one of them seeing as I don't want to spend too much out of pocket compared to what I got for my elephant laptop.

Are there any hardcore Mac heads reading this? Are there any tangible benefits to owning one? Is it the quality, image, processing power, etc? Or just the coolness of owning high priced machinery? Let me in on your secrets!

On a side note, I have two blips I don't feel like elaborating on too much.

One: why are non-work meetings and conferences scheduled during work hours during work weeks? For someone who doesn't have clout to pull flextime at will, I wish there would be more evening events or weekend events for those of use who simply have to be in the office.

Secondly: I don't think I got the Chicago job. I've just got a feeling. I haven't heard anything and I was supposed to know over a week ago. They're either really torn or so busy with the person they hired that sending my rejection letter is an afterthought. I know I shouldn't be negative, but waiting for an answer makes me miserable. Like I've said before, no matter what happens I'm going to kick, punch and scream my way forward into a career involving sustainability.

That is all for now. Happy Monday on a Tuesday.


JR Moreau said...

Dear god, I'm becoming a technophile!

erbphoto2002 said...

Hey JR,

I've had Macs forever. My thoughts are that for business, it's been great. I've never had any of my Macs need a IT tech or ever had to send it in or wipe a hard drive and reboot or any of the things I hear my friends with PC have to do on a regular basis. The only advantage a PC has over Mac is the price point and it's ability to play more games. I don't play games on my Mac . It's for business only and it rocks. I use it for high end image processing and other processor hungry applications such as Photoshop, lightroom, and Canon software for my camera. Oh, one of the best things about Mac so far is that there aren't any viruses for it at the moment. That could of course change, but since I've owned one, it hasn't happend. I hope this helps. They are a bit pricey, but after you've owned one,(or 5) You'll end up realizing that it's the best investment you've ever made.


ASHLEY said...

I feel the same way about cooking- sometimes the staples are all that you need, but it is really challenging to try a new recipe, and so rewarding when you get to eat it and find out it is actually really good. Good luck with the curry.

And don't dispair about the job! Sometimes they just take an insanely long time to decide, for no practical reason.