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Friday, October 17, 2008

I've Decided My New Blog(s) and Will Be At A Speaking Engagement Next Wednesday

I figure I have two real passions that I can articulate in daily copywriting; green (stuff) and food. As of now, I write and read about both these topics daily and feel I can learn a lot and write a lot about them.

Please stay tuned for an update on the names and addresses of these blogs. I am debating whether I want to use Blogger or Wordpress.

Does anyone have any suggestions for blogging templates? Should I think about getting my own domain name eventually?

I also thought on my drive home last night, wouldn't it be fun to venture into a little video blogging? Especially with cooking and exposes on green (stuff).

If you're wondering what the (stuff) means, it's a work-around way of saying that I haven't narrowed down the green things I want to talk about yet. I'm leaning towards green media and/or green small businesses. I'll also get back to y'all on that matter too!

Also, I'm working on a speaking engagement on the Soil or Broil topic I blogged about last week in Gloucester. Jim and Seth are giving the talk and I'm helping them with researching figures. Seth wants me to talk about the part about Menhaden in Maine... I feel so unprepared! We'll see what I can come up with. I can't wait to meet all these people who are interested in finding new and exciting ways to solve global warming and other environmental issues. I'll try to link to or post up details of the event if anyone is in the area and interested in going.

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