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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wrapping Up The Week

I may not blog for the rest of the week as I'll be all over New England getting down with my family. So, I'll drop by and give a few updates now just in case:

1) I got accepted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Graduate Program of Management in the Marketing Innovative Technology program. Not an MBA, this program offers all of the classes, resources and perspectives I could ever want for a marketing and technology based degree.

2) Although I am accepted, my status as a non-matriculated (not full time) student has left me in-eligible for financial aid of any kind. I cannot secure a federal loan and a private loan is my only option to pay for the classes. Anyone who knows me is aware of what I think of private loans, so I won't elaborate. In short: I can't pay for my classes and as of now, I will not be starting them in January.

3) I'm going to take the GRE and/or GMAT's and enroll in the fall and try to get a full fledged financial aide package. Whatever I've got to do to get through this red tape is what I'm going to do. Grad school and starting my own business are my next steps.

4) I'm still looking and saving for a condo. This priority fluctuates up and down my list. I've looked at my situation from many angles and realize that I need to do a few things before buying a condo is actually beneficial to my financial situation. It is not out of reach though. Not by any means.


ashley said...

Well congrats on getting in, I'm sorry everything's not working out right now. But you seem really motivated and that will definitely pay off in the end. Good luck (especially on the GRE's)!

Grapevinet said...

CONGRATS! I think you made a wise decision to wait until the fall, though, so you can get some finaid. Is your job going to pay for the degree, or they'll only do that for the MBA? Either way, sounds like a great program.


JR Moreau said...


My work won't pay for too much of my school. I'll only get about 2400 dollars total for the whole year, which is why I need the best fin aide I can get. So, we'll see what I can get from the bastards in the fall! :-)