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Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Heath Rocks

Since moving back to my hometown my sister and I have been cooking dinner together a bit. She still lives at home and my mom never buys fresh food (or food at all really). So, when I go grocery shopping I'll pick-up for two and she'll split the bill with me. She's a fitness freak and measures out her food and counts calories every day. So, now I'm buying lots of high quality ingredients that she's not used to having around so she's learning new recipes and trying new things.

Her newest flavor interest is tofu (although it has a distinct lack of flavor on its own). She always attested that it made her gag and that the texture was too gross. So, I marinated some and cooked a vegetable stir fry with it. I made sure to fry the tofu well done so that it wasn't so mushy. She loved it. Now instead of buying expensive meat all the time, which we both still love, we're going to eat more soy and tofu products. They're healthy and MUCH cheaper. A pound of tofu at Trader Joe's costs about 1.50. You'd need to find a real sale to have chicken or beef at that price!

My cousin who I share an apartment with likes me and my sister's cooking too and I think he's trying to learn. He surprised me when he said he tried to go vegetarian. I think it'll be an interesting journey helping him learn to cook and discover what he likes for recipes.

Now all I need to work on is getting my mother to eat better. That could prove A LOT harder.

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Anonymous said...

OK, so I love tofu, right? But I love it plain, which is ridiculous b/c it has no flavor. But it's so tasty in all its lack of flavor.

In our house, we have veggie night every other night and meat nights in between. I think it's an easier way to be healthy b/c we really don't have to give anything up. But I feel much better since we've been doing that, so you're definitely on the right track.

T.J.'s is my favorite store in the world!