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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Lot Of Good Stuff Going On

So, my 40 hour work week has turned into 50 hours has turned into 60 hours has turned.... you get the point. I'm working like a silly boy at my day job. It's good though as we've got lots of exciting projects crackling at once and I'm making myself to be the go to guy as much as possible. That being said, I've been getting to work at 8:30AM and leaving closed to 7PM mostly every day. Plus nights and weekends usually consist of at least a few hours of me putting in work for the following day. None of this is a complaint as I am quite resolved to rise up and master all things surrounding my job description and so fourth.

I've also lost 15 lbs. I've been eating healthier and walking a lot. All last week I was sick as a dog though and didn't work out at all. I have a natural tendency to avoid going to the gym because I work so late. Getting home after the gym at 8:30 is a weary feeling. But I do it anyways.

To top it all off, my internet at home hasn't worked all week. So, I need to stay extra late to get my work done because I cannot work from home. Otherwise as soon as I get home and get some food in my stomach I head out immediately to a cafe to finish whatever needs finishing.

Being busy is grand and all, but I'm looking forward to leveraging my skills and diversifying my time for the holiday season. I want to find people who need writing and research work outsourced. Working an extra 10 to 15 hours over the week and on the weekends to supplement my income is going to get me into a home of my own sooner and that's what I want.

I may be pushing myself, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to see how far my endurance will take me. So far I'm quite surprised at what I've been able to keep up.

Whatever I do and no matter how much more I work, I just need to keep up my health habits so I can keep the lbs coming off and keep healthy through the winter.

Also, I was told to register for classes by the head of HR. I'm finally getting to start my Master's degree! :-)


Author said...

Very very cool, I always tell myself when work gets tough, "At least I have a job" :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you like your job (that makes one of us LOL). And that's awesome about losing 15 pounds - again, that makes one of us :) But don't work yourself too hard - remember, life is for enjoying, too (says the overworked and underpaid and bitter, bitter old married woman).