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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Location, location, location!

So, I'm now looking at Condominiums in the Main-South area of Worcester. Some people familiar with Worcester may initially think, "eek!" But, Main South is becoming more progressive and upscale in a lot of places and I spent a lot of time there growing up, volunteering and working in the community.

One of the catches of living in the Main-South area of Worcester is that Clark University will let you go to school there for free. This is a ridiculous deal as Clark is quite expensive and prestigious. It also shows the commitment that Clark University has for Worcester’s Main-South community. They’ve always been known for buying up lots of property for dorms and administrative buildings in the past. I like Clark University a lot because the give and take with the neighborhood is pretty even. I don’t feel that Holy Cross gives much to the neighborhood it’s situated in which happens to be where I grew up. WPI does quite a bit in the community from what I hear, but the specifics are lost on me.

I feel an article or expose coming on. What are Worcester’s colleges doing in the community? There is a lot of controversy to whether Universities pay enough taxes and fees, so I’d like to add my two cents and see what I can dig up.

On a side note, still in Maine, eating, fat and happy! What’s going on for your weekend?


Anonymous said...

If you Google "town-gown relations," you'll probably get a lot of info about campus-community partnerships. This is my area of expertise, if you will, as it's what I spend most of my days at work trying to improve. It's a great topic :)


JR Moreau said...

Thanks for the keywords! I'll definitely use that and check out what I can find.