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Friday, January 9, 2009

Are eBooks Just Essays in PDF Format?

This is by no means a post where I try to downplay prolific eBook authors. I personally want to write one and feel it is a good project of lesser scale than a novel to take on during busy times. I look some eBooks, and see a lot of cool designs in the actual file, which grab my attention and make me save it to my desktop for later reading.

But, I usually don't wind up going back to my desk to read an eBook on my desktop. Although I hate newspapers because of their cumbersom handling and small print, I am an old fashioned dude when it comes to books. They're easy to hold for long periods of time and you don't neccesarily need to be in any one place to read them.

Maybe this is an idea shift I have yet to make? eBooks are becoming more popular. I feel I could easily publish more of my shorter fiction and non-fiction in this medium, which actually gives me more mental incentive to write them. As for financial incentive, that's a whole other post I need to write.

I don't want to be a hypocrit. If I'm going to start reading eBooks, how should I start? Should I set asside time to sit down at my home office and read a few pages every day? I already do that on my Google reader! The only difference is there is no refreshing of the page... OR, I could get an Amazon eBook reader The Kindle.

Do any of you like to read eBooks? What about writing them? What are the pro's and cons?


Betsy Allgood said...

I agree. I stare at a computer all day long seriously like 6 or 7 hours a day at work... the rest of the day is spent trying to see the smaller screen of the iPhone I don't want to read a book unless it's on company time while already in a daze with my computer. I think that ebooks are a great way to get started as a writer however, started is the word I wish I could bold there. I have thought about turning my 25 page research paper for college in about drugs into an ebook. Think anyone would read it? Then could I be a publish author how does that work?

JR Moreau said...

"published author" is a term I use loosely. being in poetry compilations in a college literature review is technically being published. it's all about content and breadth. if your 25 page term paper was dope and well written, I'd read it and call it an eBook, for sure.

Maia Doubtfire said...

Well, having an ebook is a good start for new writers. It is a new way to outcast their writing skills and they may attract other writers that can help them out in the future. I'm sure there are a lot of people who will read your research paper, Betsy. How about the other types of coursework? Are these feasible to become ebooks as well?Nice post:)