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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Deliberate Living

I was going to write another nostalgic post about the meaning of a new year ahead, but I decided against it. How is this different? Well, I honestly have been pushing these ideas for most of 2008, so I've got a little more momentum behind me than if I broke out new years resolutions starting on January 1st.

Instead, I want to ask you, what is on your plate right now? The family gatherings and obligatory traveling is done with, so what are you getting busy with at the moment?

As of now, I'm focusing on:
  • building my brand
  • learning some new things at my day job
  • writing book reviews
  • building relationships
  • continuing my fitness goals
  • sharpening and focusing my skills
  • pitching & writing freelance articles
  • buying my first home
Please feel free to gloat in the comment section, or share how nervous you are about this coming year. I think we've all got some mixed feelings. But as long as we're doing instead of hoping, I think good stuff will happen.

1 comment:

Angel said...

My "gloat" would be that I knocked out one of my resolutions on the 2nd.

Otherwise I look forward to what it'll bring. :-) I hope your continued goals will succeed this year. :-D