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Monday, January 5, 2009

Co-Working, Tweet-Ups and Team-Blogging

Excuse all of the hyphens, but I'm quite interested in what people's opinions of co-working, tweet-ups and team-blogging are. They are all relatively unique concepts, but they also all have similar traits which make them relevant to each other.

  • In any given urban region, I suspect there is a need and desire for co-working spaces where freelancing professionals can go and work will full office anemities without having to pay the crippling overhead costs of their own exclusive office space. A myriad of other positive side-effects would arise from having groups of creative and driven people working independently, but in close social proximity to one another.
  • I am a slave to Twitter, and a glad one at that. I want to host a Tweet-Up in January. I'd love for some input on organizing a Tweet-Up with themes, ideal locations, techniques of promoting it and being a good overall host.
  • I've applied to several websites for blogging jobs recently and haven't gotten offers yet. I'm not sure in what way I've hit the wall, but I feel as a writer I need to work on my packaging, concepts and sense of relevance. I'd like to co-Author a blog with someone. Team-blogging is my idea of coercing myself into a loosely bonded agreement that I'll contribute and push ideas to their limit with another like minded person. I currently don't have any idea who I'd ask, or what the blog topic would be, but I'm quite open to ideas on that as well.
This is my passive-aggressive (or loveable) way of saying that I want to be down. All of these things interest me greatly.

"Community" will be 2009's new "Green." "Smart-Grid" is going to be bit too, but even the damn scientists don't know what the hell it means yet!

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Sarah said...

I am so behind on my google reader ... trying to get caught up today!

I love the idea of co-working spaces. It really can be difficult to focus without a dedicated space, away from the distractions of home. I would be interested in hearing about other people's experiences with this concept and how it worked.

I love the idea of tweet-ups, too, I just don't tweet much with anyone that lives near me! I've tried to find people on Twitter who live where I am moving to next month, in the hopes of getting a head start on meeting people, but no luck. Apparently Twitter isn't real big in Middle GA. I found one girl near my age, married to an AF guy, recently transplanted there, and she is a freelance writer- I thought PERFECT!! But she hasn't followed me back. :) oh well! Good luck with trying to organize one, I bet it would be lots of fun!

As for the blogging gigs, just keep at it! Persistence is key with all the people out there competing for these jobs. Team-blogging could certainly be a good thing for your resume if done right. Hope you find something that works for you!