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Monday, January 12, 2009

Generation Y's Student Loans

Today I got a letter in the main stating that my student loans were being altered. Not in a bad way though! My interest rate was reduced! I am so pumped that I'll be paying drastically less for as long as this lasts.

Basically the letter states that I understood my interest rate on my private student loan as well as my federal student loan were variable but had a ceiling. I've been seeing my interest rates move higher as the years progressed. As the interest rates reached their ceiling, I get this letter stating they were dropping over 2 percentage points.

Thanks President Obama. I owe you one. Also, thanks Graduate Leverage. Not sure why you've done this, but keep it coming, PLEASE!


Ilinap said...

My letter must be lost in the mail. I'll be paying Northwestern until I die. And at this rates, these bills are killing me.

JR Moreau said...

Good luck with those Ilinap. I honestly have no idea why they were lowered. I'm happy they were though and I hope it stays that way!

ashley said...

That is completely awesome! :-)