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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Thursday, Tomorrow is Friday

My apologies for not posting since Monday! No excuses except for the usual schedule of working late and little energy after 9:00pm. Well maybe I do have an excuse...but I'm not ready to share on here, yet.

What to do about it? Not sure. Don't want to start getting into un-natural sleeping patterns again and I definitely don't want to get back into stimulants to stay awake longer (coffee and occasionally nicotine are my vices, kicking alcohol (for the most part) was hard enough)).

I just matched parenthesis. Can you tell I've been staring at Boolean string searches lately? Imagine if I actually became a techie dude and lost all desire to be "creative" as a writer? I think it'd be time to get checked-in somewhere for a long vacation with Nurse Ratchet.

I'm getting a new cat today at lunch time. I'm also half done with the first time homebuyer program in Worcester. With my lowered interest rates on my loans I'm looking forward to packing some money way and paying down a few of my credit cards so my credit doesn't look so bad when I go to sign an offer.

That's all I've got for now. Just wanted to break the silence and let you all know I'm still typing with my fingers and NOT with my toes.


stephanerd said...

I expect to see new-cat-photos before the end of the work day.

Also...yesterday, I was on deadline and feeling like utter crap, and then I went to my callanetics class...which is sorta like yoga and sorta like pilates...and it simultaneously relaxed me and rejuvenated me, and then I went home and totally rocked the article-writing.

Which is all to say that maybe you should consider something similar as an energy-booster...

ashley said...

I agree with the person above- I want to see pics, haha.

I'm not sure what advice to give about the low energy thing... I'm a really big fan of going to sleep when I get tired. Not the most productive habit I suppose... but it beats turning into a very cranky monster-type individual.

JR Moreau said...

Steph and Ash, I'm sorry to report that I wasn't allowed to take home my pick "Rusty" because I didn't have proper paperwork. I went home and had to ravage my room to find a scribbled on piece of paper that said something about "even exchange."

I shall not be bested. I'll go again soon.

Rusty was a cool cat. 4 years old. I hope he's still there when I get back!

stephanerd said...

Argh! The kitty suspense!