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Monday, December 15, 2008

5 "Green" Reasons Why I Should Buy or Build A House

I've been getting antsy to buy a home in the past six months. Every time I hear whispers of a "bottom" in the market, I count how much money I've got in my savings account and start shuffling through local condo listings. What about my "green" dream home?

I realize condominiums and houses both have their benefits. Condos are basically maintained like apartments due to a condo fee, but there are limitations on what you can do to the structure and property. Homes tend to have a lot more costs associated with them, but they're all your and you can virtually do anything within the law with your property. Now, whether you buy land or work with existing property and make it green.. that's a whole other discussion...

Assuming there is a "real" bottom in the market and it is well publicized, I figure I'll want a house over a condo because:

1. I'll probably have a yard that I can landscape in an ecologically friendly way. If I choose a condo, I'll probably have little control over who gets the landscaping contract. The lowest bidder in all likely hood will have the poorest practices.

2. I can put a windmill on my ecologically landscaped property. Seeing as I'm not the biggest design or aestetic freak you'll meet, I'd love to put a big, honkin' windmill right on my property to give my house that uhm... whatever look. More importantly, it will give me electricity and will eventually pay for itself!

3. You better believe I'll be decorating with solar panels. My solar paneling will be like a rapper's bling... seriously abundant!

4. Upgrade carpentry is at your convenience, not your neighbor's. I won't have to worry about working hours of the building, or other technicalities. I can gut my home and renovate it whenever and for however long as I like.

All this being said, I know there are major financial issues that come along with all of these grand plans. But, people do this. People like me.

To my homeowner people, what do you think of this? Am I correct in my assumptions? Condo owners, how much freedom do you feel that you're afforded?


Sarah said...

Sounds like some good reasons to go with a home!

One word of caution: A strict homeowner's association can be as binding as a the governing board of a condo association. If you want to put a windmill in your yard or such, you'll probably need some space from your neighbors- and DEFINITELY no HOA!!

Dolly Iris said...

Owning my own home would be a dream come true. BF and I also want a "green" home. I think its a win win situation for your pocket book and mother earth.
Do you have a S.M.A.R.T goal set up for making this come true?