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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Really Sad Morning

Yesterday, my sister bought me a cat from the shelter as an early Christmas present. His name at the shelter was "Big Al" but I would up calling him "Albie." He's a full grown 5 year old male. He's got orange and white markings on him and is really cute and extremely friendly. He was really scared when I first brought him home, but towards the end of last night he started to come out a bit and want to be petted. I went to bed looking forward to playing with Albie the next day.

Today, I woke up this morning to find my back door wide open and the house freezing. The trash was torn up and Albie was not in his new-found spot. I looked all over the house several times for him, but my fears were confirmed; my landlord let his mastif into the back hallway as he's been told not to before, and the dog pushed open my doors and chased the cat out.

I've looked throughout the hallway, looked outside with no site of Albie. I'm scared for him as I live on a very busy street and many cats have been hit by the drivers speeding up the hill. I'm sad because this damned creature couldn't even have a full day of peace without my asshole landlord stomping around like nobody matters but him.

My sister is going to get her money back for Albie. I don't pay rent to have some asshole's dog destroy my property. He won't get a cent of rent until my sister is repaid and my door has a new, fortified lock put on it.

I'm half way between angry and sad. I can't decide which yet.


Anonymous said...

That is so awful! It makes me so angry and sad! I'm sorry JR...

JR Moreau said...

Thanks Steph. I'm hoping the neighbors will keep an eye out. We'll see :-/