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Friday, December 5, 2008

Misguided Content

Something happened in the Fall. I stopped drinking again, started writing more deliberately and suddenly my life is all aflame with creativity and desire. I'm cranking out articles every day and now I'm not quite sure what to do with all of this content.

I haven't found a vendor who will pay me respectable amounts of money for my articles up front yet, so I'm basically publishing them with non-exclusive rights on several sights and getting as much up front, and residual payment as possible. I also try to keep this blog update with substantive topics as well.

I feel like I could be doing this more efficiently though. I need a pipeline of conception to payment with a shorter turnaround time and more revenue on both the front end and residual end.

This is my content quandary. Or, call it a wish list for content solutions.

What are your creative queries? Do you find yourself lacking a better plan for monetizing your work?

1 comment:

stephanerd said...

I feel as if the journey to publication takes forEVER, especially when you follow the rules and avoid multiple submissions.

You send out a pitch letter, wait a couple weeks, send a followup, wait some more, and after a decent amount of time, figure it's safe to re-pitch elsewhere. And you do this a trillion times, until you get lucky.

::sigh:: It's so easy to lose momentum.