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Monday, December 8, 2008

How Blogging Saved My Life

Okay, that's being dramatic. I think getting rid of my television 5 years ago saved my life, to be honest. But, blogging as a participatory and observational activity is truly one of the most pleasurable daily things that I have in my professional and personal life.

If the internet was my monarchy, content would be king. I find so many life and career enriching tips and stories in my Google Reader. I think I'll make a JR's Top Ten Blogs List soon.

I feel like my content has been getting so many views lately, not even speaking specifically about my Bailout article but regarding my blog posts and Associated Content articles in general. I'm hitting a stride and I definitely feel like reading and interacting with so many great writers is helping me along.

I just wish I had more time to become more closely knit with my blog community.

2009 will be a year of renewed goals, re-vamped business strategy and a more excellent JR Moreau.

Anybody else planning out their New Year Resolutions yet? What are your thoughts on how blogging communities have affected your life?


stephanerd said...

Resolution #1: Get my ass in gear. Find a form of regular income. Get my career coaching certification. Become certifiably awesome (whereas now I'm just certifiable).

Resolution #2: Cut back on coffee.

As far as blogging communities go, they're my saving grace, and my connection to the wider world...a necessity now that I work from home 24/7. I only wish I could hang with some of these super-cool people in real time. I'm considering the possibility of starting up a blogger/freelancer happy hour in my area.

JR Moreau said...

Once you get to know your blogging neighbors, I think snack/dinner nights or a potluck affair would be awesome. So many great business/creative ideas would flow!

And you remind me, I want to add "becoming decent at digital photography" to my list of to-do's in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you got rid of your TV 5 years ago?! So that means the whole time I've known you, you've been TV-less? That's awful. Just awful ;)


Sugar said...

I had great success with my resolutions this year. They weren't pie-in-the-sky kind of things. Plus, before committing to them, I asked my Magic 8 Ball if it was even going to happen. Most of the answers were positive. My 8 Ball can be quite the cheerleader. ;)

esper_d said...

Hey let's subscribe to one another's AC!
Thanks for stopping by my Today blog, by the way. That was kind of you to leave a msg.

Here's my AC

Degenerasian said...

I still watch way too much tv even though I'm blogging alot more.
I'm watching more DVDs too. :(

Kristine said...

I've stopped making resolutions because they just set up me up for remorse when I slowly steer back off track.

But, I got hooked in by your first sentence. I want to give up TV again. I lived without it for four years much more happily. I'm sucked back in big time right now because of a TV junkie bf, enjoy the freedom.

allgood_b said...

I agree just saying you are going to do something then if you don't follow through all the way just bums you out for the next year.

I think I'm going to try to watch more TV... maybe this year I'll plug it in. Then I'll get bored with it and unplug it again but whatever who is keeping score.

Developing/figuring out this whole online freelancer stuff would be pretty cool... maybe getting my own super cool dot com however I have to watch my content which can be hard for me because of the organization that pays my bills. Maybe I just need a good fake name. We shall see ;)