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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Popular for Unpopularity This Week

Last week before Thanksgiving break, I wrote a satirical and theoretical article of which companies I think deserve any kind of bailout. I referenced a car company, a solar company and a financial institution. I didn't say anything explicitly bad about Evergreen Solar (ESLR), except that I thought it got a raw deal in it's stock dilution.

That being said, after angry and concerned emails and comments, I realized that something in my article prompted the title to get picked up by Google Finance and THOUSANDS of people have read with great interest, my satirical and theoretical article on government bailouts.

I feel like I've hit the lottery in a sense. See the screen shot (notice, article B on the upper right hand corner) and then check out the actual article on Associated Content.

...and just to be perfectly clear, I do hold stock in Evergreen Solar (ESLR)


Sarah said...

Wow!! That's some amazing exposure! Angry emails be damned, you're going on 9,000 page views on your article. Looks like you hit on a good formula! :)

The Pumpernickel said...

i love when things like that happen. the world is a strange, nonsensical place.

i wonder if God has blog feeds. hm.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep getting all this attention? First a loan company exec calls you and now you're getting popular (or unpopular, as it were) on the Business beat...

Harumph! (but kudos to you)


JR Moreau said...

Talk about PR potential. I WILL GET YOUR COMPANY NOTICED!!! :-p