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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Too Much Content - Can't Write It all Down

Who amongst you readers talks to yourself? I talk to myself quite a bit. I'm a good listener when it comes to myself and I try to be a good listener in general. As far as speaking goes, usually when I say something to myself enough it eventually comes out right when I say it aloud to its intended audience.

When I have writers block, I'm sort of like a sad miscreant wandering about in my own head, blurting out non-nonsensical ideas and phrases never to be written down or heard by foreign ears.

I don't have writer's block anymore, so I'm writing down just about every good idea that comes to my head. Even the bad ideas form into good poetry at times.

The only bad thing is, my time is so disjointed and sparse, I have to start like four pieces at a time and work on them rapid fire just so that I don't forget them and have bandwidth to complete more the next day.

If I get behind on what my own brain is producing, I'll be in real trouble. We're talking, JR Goes Crazy kind of trouble.


Anonymous said...

Talking to yourself is a sign of creativity. I'm the creative-est.


Lela said...

All day long. Every day. Ever since I was a kid! (Sometimes out loud - usually when no one's looking!)