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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Early morning ponderings... a product of some insomnia

Blogging as a career. Does it exist? Is it luck, scam or skill? To be honest I'm not sure I'd want to do it as a living in the traditional sense. My idea of a fulfilling job doesn't consist of spewing a lot of righteous gibberish on my own customized page. Actually, blogs are currently my idea of a good way to communicate with friends, family and people who may think alike. Online diary entries, if you will. Writing for hire and working for one’s self is a dream of mine, but to what capacity? Do I want to write, do I want to run a business? Both? If I truly love writing (and I do), then maybe starting a PR or Marketing services company isn’t in my best interests down the road. I’ll be managing business matters instead of being creative. I definitely don’t want that. I need to stay on track and thinking along these lines is painful but probably necessary.

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Nancy Tracy said...

Decisions, decisions... I am 50 and my life is still evolving. That's half the fun! Finding the perfect balance within one's career is difficult enough, but when you add kids to the mix... watch out!!