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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Smarter Food Choices at the Grocery Store

So I went grocery shopping lately and came out in a better mood than when I went in. Rare, right? I have been an advocate of Trader Joe's for approximately 5 years. Something about the store, employees, customers and the food sold appeals to me more than mega markets that I seem to always get lost in. Trader Joe's management does a great job of finding high quality products at the best price possible. The only catch is when something sells out, it's either gone forever, or for a very long time until another order can be filled in a similar quantity for a similar price.

I've been trying to pare down the amount of food I buy each week, or choose better when decided what I'll eat and snack on. Eating healthy tends not to be cheap so it's been a constant battle. The last time I went I took a chance and bought a lot of fresh vegetables for salads. I bought the stuff that is sort of packaged but still crisp and green. I bought enough of this stuff to chow on for at least six meals. The prices looked good so I went to the front of the store to check out. When I started hearing the beeping noise as my stuff was rung up, I realized that I had gotten a much larger amount of food than I had intended. I was really disappointed in myself. But, when the jolly fellow at the register told me that my order came to $73 dollars (you should have seem how much food I bought!) I was so happy.

I feel like paying attention at the grocery store can save you a lot of money. Knowing what to go in for, what you need and if you're tight, what you can get by on, are all important considerations.

So, who wants me to cook for them? You won't regret it!


ASHLEY said...

Good job on buying a bunch of veggies (and then I assume actually going through with it and eating them- that's always my big problem)!

JR Moreau said...

Oh yes, I've been making diesel salads every night. My house mates razz me as it takes me a good ten minutes to put them together. But it's worth it in the end!