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Friday, September 5, 2008

Hone in on what you want

More chicken or the egg talk today. Upon further investigation into career paths for people with my interests, when I look at agencies or firms, there are several tiers of operation. A public relations firm, or ad agency, or marketing company have lots of layers that make them work. For a hard working person trying to get experience and make connections, putting in serious hours and effort at a smallish corporation could be quite beneficial.

I know I like to write a lot. I also like to analyze and brainstorm. I do not, however, like to manage. I don’t like finances too much either. So, where I’m at needs to develop into a more creative role while I’m here. I’m working on this with my supervisors and I think they’re eager to see me develop.

But work needs to be done and I’ll do whatever needs doing, so I may not be able to focus on professional development all the time. This is why I try to freelance as much as possible outside of work. I absolutely need the money but I’m also taking my skills and portfolio into my own hands so that when I make the jump closer to my “dream job” I’ll be all the more prepared.

I’ve just got to stay out of management and finance. Bleh!!!

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