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Friday, September 12, 2008

Retirement and Education Planning

The entire drive to work today I was in gnarly traffic with mini-van mom’s and geriatrics threatening me from every angle, yet I felt as peaceful as could be projecting myself back in Prague 3 years ago. I thought to myself, even if I wind up buying a condo and staying in Worcester, or wherever for a few years, I still want to go back to Prague so badly. I even though how nice it would be if someday I was able to purchase my second home in Prague or in one of the surrounding towns, in the mountains. That would truly signal my arrival. To hell with living in a 55+ community in Florida! Studying in certain European countries is a notoriously cheaper way to get one’s degree, so maybe I’ll take off and re-enroll at Charles University for that coveted Ph.D. I’ve been wanting for so long.

No matter what, whether I live there, study there or visit there, I’ll definitely need to get back at least once in my lifetime. More memories are to be made I'm thinking. Keeping a slow and steady, a.k.a. boring life won't suit me. Czech me out in a decade or two and see where I'm chillin'!

1 comment:

ASHLEY said...

I definitely feel you. Missing Europe is like a disease. That's awesome though that you have legitimate plans to go back and study- don't lose sight of them!