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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Winds of Change

No, I'm not speaking about Obama. I'm speaking about the call I got on Wednesday night. I'll be flown out to Chicago next Thursday to interview for a Sales and Marketing Coordinator position for a top international wind company. I'm simply thrilled.

Since 2006 I have been steadily reaching out to those in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable development for hints and advice on how to break into the field. Sometimes I'd get close and talk to someone or get an interview, other times I got some discouraged I was convinced I'd never work in the field that I'm most passionate about.

I signed up for a weekly news letter from the American Wind Energy Association that sends out jobs specifically related to the Wind Energy industry. I applied to most of the jobs sent to me every week for over two years. Two weeks ago I finally got a bite from this company who's United States office is based out of Chicago. The actual headquarters are in Denmark and India and there are over 14,000 employees world wide. The initial phone interview two weeks ago went over well, but I was so excited and nervous that I wasn't sure how I came off. Apparently I didn't come off too badly as I'm being treated to a flight to Chicago.

I feel like this is an opportunity of a life time. I am knowledgeable and skilled and I should be a great candidate. I had an interview at a solar company late last year and it went very well but they hired within. I think I am further along in the process than I was that time around and I also feel I am more well rounded now than I was back then.

If it comes to moving, the Worcester matter will be scrapped for a longer, more stressful move to Chicago. But, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Wish me luck :-)

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