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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Identity Theft is Bad! Part Deux

So today I officially filed my claim to have my funds put back into my account. Whomever had my money is off gallivanting around town, probably buying stuff you can only find in the third world like rubber tires for burning people and chicken heads for voodoo (just kidding). In all seriousness, I am hesitant to use PayPal anymore as I have always been very careful with my account information. I can't quite understand how or why my information was acquired by these jerks. Is PayPal just not that secure anymore? Identity theft is really a stressful thing. I need to get paid for my freelance work, but maybe I should just stick to having paper checks sent to my mail when I want to cash in. Or better yet... cash only???

To top it all off, work is a god damned mad house, I'm moving back to Worcester at the end of the month and my mother is in the middle of surgery as I type this. I'm hoping things settle down soon. Or if they get really crazy, then the light at the end of the tunnel shall be brighter and more lucrative than where I'm at now.

I had a great conversation with someone who's been in the wind turbine industry for a long time. I want to work in renewable energy and sustainable building so badly. Having a cause and a direction that you believe in is so important to being successful at a job. I'm doing okay now because I show up every day, put my time in and learn what's to be learned. But this role in the company is so isolated from the real work I'd like to do that I feel more and more distant from the people and tasks every day. Although I have formed some friendships that I truly appreciate, it's so hard for me to feel a comradery with people who don't fully understand where I'm at in my life. I just want to keep seeking people out who are doing what I'd like to do down the road. The more good role models I have, the better. Either way, I've got to stay busy and learn as much as possible no matter where I am.

It's my town to shine, or gust, if you will.

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