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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I feel old, or mature for this market

I cannot talk too negatively of my housemate as I narcissistically believe he reads my blog every once in a while. But, my jealousy consumes me as he is in New York City right now on a business account soaking up the fun and Fall sun at the Digital Media Conference. My feelings towards him boarder on hatred over his ability to score sweet business trips like this (just kidding, I hate no one). I hope he shares his contacts and knowledge when he gets back.

New Media, Web 2.0, Social Media and all of the other new age advertising, marketing and PR techniques seem to harbor some of the most intelligent and talented business minds today. Plus it's a fairly young crowd. People my age and younger will be especially apt to this field due to our life long immersion in electronic and internet technology. I personally didn't get a computer until high school, but I learned the basics at a young age and learn almost anything thrown at me. I suppose the missing link between Nu Marketers and yr. average techie addict tweenie is the business psychology targeting the tweenie as a consumer and not a fellow social network member.

As stated previously, I was so against embracing the Internets breed of social communities as I wanted to maintain my individuality. As reach my mid-twenties (eek-err), I feel that I'm missing out on a lot of opportunities if I don't embrace this culture.

Then there's this voice inside of me. It's my literary resonance. This is where I innovate. I articulate the human experience through non-organic mediums.

Where do I focus my energy? Blogging? Freelancing? Both? I know I want solar, wind and sustainable goodness to be the focus of my career, so do I hyper-educate myself on that too? All of the above?

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