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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've gotta do it

Dear Sarah Palin,

Congrats on your well-delivered speech last night. You hammered home your messages of the target audience you wish to reach (certainly not I). Your snappy and quirky mannerisms are cute and very Super Mom 2.0ish and if I was in the middle of a suburban development with a two car garage I'd probably identify with what you're putting out there. The nuances of your "ordinary gal" and "international leader" concepts were fascinating, although all together unbelievable.

Shaking up the congress may be something that is long overdue, as it has continually switched hands between an equally impotent republican and democratic party, but what about the white house? Have you spoken out against your party's leader and his administration in the last 8 years? Or, are you just another war mongering, fact fabricating, impulsive, greedy, right-winger that was either too stubborn or too self denying to impeach the Bush administration or at least denounce his actions? Many Republicans have separated themselves from Bush, but have you?

You don't want to loose the war? You want to defeat "radical extreme Islam?" Maybe you should realize this war was a losers war from the beginning. A war on lies (exposed lies, none the less) has no honor in it whatsoever, no matter what fantastic dreams a former POW may believe.

I guess at the end of the day I'm just another pro-choice, equal marriage, social reforming, community organizing (ha!), liberal who will never see eye to eye with what the Republican machine is trying to do. Neither party is perfect, but I've clearly picked my poison Mrs. Palin and it certainly is not you.

From A Blue State with Love,

JR Moreau

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ASHLEY said...

hear hear! brilliantly written.