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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Grass Is Always Greener, They Say

In the coming fall months it seems as if people are finally getting back from their lethargic or minimalist work habits of the summer and putting on some truly exciting events.

I asked my boss if I could take the day off on Oct 1 or 2 and go to the Sustainable Communications Expo. There are going to be lots of Media people there networking. I may even be able to get into a lecture or two if I play my cards right. Who knows?

I think places like this can be really beneficial when someone like myself doesn’t always know where to turn for advice or guidance on the things I am truly passionate about.
No man or woman is an island and I’ll be amongst my people on these days! I’m really excited to hear about what innovation things people are thinking up and actually doing. I may even bring my resume and offer some freelance and contract services if the opporunity presents itself.

Check it out for yourself. If you want to go with me, let me know and we'll carpool or take the train in!

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