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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Social Media Headbanging

Twitter is something I was sure I’d never use regularly. I’ve never been one for serious social networking via electronics or “social media,” but as I grow up and become more serious about my career, I realize the “next step” is reliant upon people’s image of who I am and what I stand for.

How can I realistically get my name and work out there when I work 10 hour days regularly and then try to get the right amount of sleep, exercise and extracurricular fun and freelancing in? I don’t want to, nor can I afford bars or nigh clubs, so Web 2.0 has offered me interesting alternatives to seek out and be sought out by like-minded professionals.

The question remains, how do I effectively use my time on social network sites? How do I blog effectively to convey my ideas and personality in a productive manner? How do I brand myself and become an internet rock star like Gary Vaynerchuk? Well I’m sure I’ve got a story or two inside this brain of mine and many more ideas to formulate. Marketing one’s self is so important.

As GV says on, it’s all about the “hustle.” Hustle. 2.0.

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