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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worcester's Yo-Yo

This weekend I shall move back to Worcester for the 2nd time since I have turned 18. I've managed to run screaming away from that city so often, yet still maintain a strange nostalgia about it my entire life. My family lives there and it's cost of living is considerably less than Boston. This time around should be better than the last time I moved back. I'll be staying in an apartment that my grandfather owns with my younger cousin. The commute sucks pretty bad, but the rent and utilities will save me hundreds of dollars a month which is what I need right now. I've been scraping and biting for so long trying to make ends meet in Boston, all the while making an okay salary in several fields I have no interest in pursuing as a long-term career. So, it's time to get my life and priorities in order. Money and cost of living need to be addressed, and next my career path will need to be addressed. More on that later.

As of now, my plans are to:

1) Live in the apartment for at least the rest of 2008.
2) Save the difference in money of what I'm paying now and allocate some of that savings toward lingering bills
3) Localize my freelance work and try to get some more writing gigs in the Worcester area
4) Weigh my options of relocation versus buying a condominium. Either of those will hopefully happen by next summer.

I do hope to start re-visiting some of my old haunts. Particularly the Java Hut and Coney Island hot dogs. I think the Java Hut may be closed due to poor management, but it usually gets bought and re-opened so I'll hold out hope. As far as my occasional junk food treat, who wants to meet up for a hot dog or cup of joe? I need re-integration.


Heather said...

Hello. This is a fantastic idea, and I don't even get to see you when you're HERE anyways. So just go already!!

Keep your new money under your mattress though. If this billion dollar blowjob doesn't come through, our ATM's shall be empty...

JR Moreau said...

I agree. Time to start living life to the fullest.

I will continue to meet you at random times and places. Don't you worry!