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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Need Queer Eye for the Liberal Guy

So I find this article to be fascinating and quite spot on. I mean, I've never been a big decorator in the traditional sense, but my clutter tends to be somewhat nice looking in my own eyes.

In every job I've had I always wind up putting the many books I read over the a course of time lined up somewhere for reference or just so I feel proud and smart for reading so damn much. I've torn pages out of magazines that had great articles that should be posted. When I interned for the state I had all my Hunter S. Thompson memorabilia out including a large font explanation of why George W. Bush is a blundering idiot compared to Richard Nixon who was a mean old "gin sot" in his own right. I definitely got some looks and everyone knew where I stood politically.

In my office now people talk half heartedly about politics and where they stand. I honestly can't bear the thought of being upset over someone else's party being different from mine when I've got more work on my plate that I know what to do with.

Currently my cubicle's entire top shelf is nothing but books that I have read this year. About 30. I let people come by and borrow them as they like. I move so much I figure even if I don't get a book back it's one less thing to box up when I hit the road again. Plus it's a great conversation piece! I mean seriously; who wants to strike up conversation about a framed picture with some flowers or a dog in them? No, I'm a stinking liberal and I want to talk about literature.

Don't even ask me about what was on television last night because unless it involves mixed martial arts or politics I probably didn't see it.

So, should I make my work space more neutral and boring like many other people have theirs, or should I keep it the way I like it? At least I feel comfortable to some extent. Plus when the networks go down I'll have something to keep me entertained.

***On a side note, I left Worcester at 7:15 am and got to work at 8:15 am with very little traffic. Nice!

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